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 Today has been a hard day for the people in my town and school.
We got informed of two deaths this morning.
One of sixth former Bruno; he died this morning at only 17.
And the old music teacher at my school Mrs Tolson ( You might now about her if you're a Daily Mail reader).
So I just kinda want to... Lament and reflect here as no one from my school knows my LJ, so it's much more private than DA or god forbid; Facebook.

First Bruno; I'm not going to pretend I knew him, because I didn't.
He was 2 years older than me and ran with a completely different crowd and well, I only knew of him because he dealt weed a lot.
Which I have nothing against, by the way. I'm not going to judge him for what he did, because I believe people should be able to do whatever they want with their own bodies.
But yeah, it was awful to hear about this morning in Maths, apparently he took some antibiotics last night for chest pains and just, didn't wake up this morning.
I feel terribly sorry for his family and I hope they're allowed to grieve in peace.
One thing that does annoy me though; is all the people on Facebook setting their status' as "Rest in Peace" when they didn't even know him.
There is nothing wrong with reflecting on your feeling, which is kind of what I'm doing now. But I feel a Facebook status is so impersonal. Also, what if some of his family members haven't heard yet and they end up learning about it over his Facebook?
Because many people have posted on his wall and his friends have written their own type of  eulogies on there.
Speaking of his friends, they were the tough guys, the stoners, the BMXing chavs and I recently just walked by a bunch of them crying; it just broke my heart that they'd all gathered to remember him together. It was so odd to see them crying, I'd grown up around many of them and they're hard as rock. But it also made me think back to when I first heard, and the fact that no one in the room was affected, no one cried, no one was upset. It just made me remember that the life that we think so highly of is only really important to ourselves and maybe a few people who will grieve us, but then slowly forget us. Every time I learn of a death I WANT to feel bad. I WANT to remember their lives and no forget them, even if I didn't know them. Just because I feel that everyone needs to be thought of as if they're the most important thing in the world, maybe just a little while, so we can just recognise the fact that they lived.
There have been several deaths in my school recently and it's really got me thinking about the fact that you never know when it's going to end and that I shouldn't take anything or anyone for granted.

Take the lovely Mrs Tolson for example. She left my school two years ago and before that she was my violin teacher and a very likeable in her own little way.
She died a few days ago from a fall whilst skiing, at 55 years old.
One thing that I found most awful is that fact that she beat cancer, to then die from a head trauma. GAHHHHH.
I don't really know what to write, but I just want to get my thoughts down.

I think I've ranted enough really. Though I don't like the thought that I managed to think more of the guy I didn't know compared to a woman who knew me rather well.
But I guess it's because today in school, Bruno was talked about a lot.

So yeah, I'm ending here.
If you wanna read the Daily Mail/Devon News articles about my lovely violin teacher feel free;
And y'know, maybe even though you didn't know either of them, sit and reflect ? Maybe not about them, but about your own life and experiences with death or something. But y'know. I'm just trying to find a suitable way to end this entry.
....That'll do.

Goodnight people.
I hope you're happy and healthy  <3 
30 December 2010 @ 05:29 pm
 Well uhm. I haven't uploaded in a while. Scanner problems >_<
Also, lack of motivation and time.

This is kinda like the most recent thing I drew from like, last night... Or  the night before. I can't remember, but like, I was talking to my friend Maddie about what do draw, and we decided it had to do with zombies as I've been obsessed with them recently. SO HERE IT IS.
Good old Zombie!Madders chewing thoughtfully on me :D


And you guys remember that Charizard from my first entry? Well, I coloured it :3 

A-And, here are a couple of Links from LoZ, I went through a bit of a video game thing >_<

Now here's a page full of doodles of my OC Hanley, I dunno if you can see them that well. But yay for style inconsistencies!

And finally. Two OC's who have no names. Yeah.... a guy with a weird face tattoo and a fluffy dear boy.
ACTUALLY. Not finally. I started making some Xmas gifts for my friends on DeviantArt, but well, I got to the linearts and ran out of time... and concentration. Here they are.

It's just a dog, a cat, an Eevee, a friends OC, a Pikmin and an Ostrich... Yeah, have fun c:

31 October 2010 @ 09:27 pm

Hi there guys!

Ughhh so, this is my first 'journal' on this site. I just wanted to have a go at writing one of these things.
Though I don't really have much on a way with words.
You'll just have to bare with me ;D
Anyway; on to my actual point.
I'm going to be using this thing to post sketches and stuff.
I'm not promising they'll be much good but whatever.

If anyone wonders as to why I'm uploading art here.
It's because do quite love getting feed back.
So ughhh, here are some sketches I've scanned recently.


There you go!
Oh and, happy Hallowe'en guys! :D
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